Sponsor A Bird Box

  • Sponsor one of our bird boxes in Hucknall
  • Receive regular updates about your bird box
  • Know that you are helping local wildlife in our community


During 2023 we will be placing a number of bird nesting boxes in locations throughout the Hucknall area. These bird boxes have either been donated to us or have been built by our members using recycled materials

To help encourage the local community to get involved, we are offering the chance to sponsor a bird box for a year.

What Do I Get For My Sponsorship ?

Once we have installed your nesting box in a suitable location, we will give you the exact location so that you can visit your box and hopefully see the birds that are calling it home.

Your box will also be regularly visited by our members and we will provide you updates as to the type of bird using the box as well as any photographs if possible.

Please be aware that even though we try and pick suitable locations for the boxes, there is no guarantee that a box will be used for nesting in any particular year.

Your sponsorship will start from the day that your box is installed, and will last for one calendar year.

All monies raised by our sponsorship program will be used to help raise awareness of our group as well as promoting the well being of wildlife in the local area.


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