Asian Hornet Trap

  • Pre-baited Asian Hornet trap
  • Help monitor and eradicate the Asian Hornet
  • Free of charge to NG15 residents


Available on back-order

The Asian Hornet is a massive threat to our native bees, butterflies and dragonflies as well as many other insects.

Working with local bee keepers, we are able to provide these Asian Hornet traps completely free of charge to residents in the NG15 area.

These pre-baited traps will attract and contain the queen Asian Hornets, not native wasps and bees, and keep them alive for inspection.

When your trap is delivered by us or a member of the local bee keepers association, you will be informed of what to do if you suspect that you have caught an Asian Hornet.

These traps are currently in production, but order yours now to get delivery as soon as they are available.




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