30 Trees For A Tree Planting Project

  • 30 trees to be planted in the Hucknall area
  • Know that you are helping nature for generations to come


During 2023 will hope to be holding a number of tree planting events in the local area.

These events are already being supported by local business and individuals who are donating trees, time and resources toward this very worthwhile project.

While a number of trees are donated, and we hope to secure more trees through grants etc, we are hoping that the local population would also like to help us with the acquisition of trees.

You can purchase a pack of 30 trees that we will then plant on our next available tree planting day.


The tree packs may include:

Silver birch which is a striking medium-sized tree with pale bark and golden catkins which flower from April to May. The silver birch provides food and habitat for over 300 insect species.

Wild cherry which is covered in stunning clusters of white flowers during the spring, which turn to vibrant cherries later in the year. The cherries provide a vital source of food for birds and mammals, including song thrush, blackbird, badger and dormouse.

Rowan, which produces creamy-white clusters of flowers which turn to bright red berries during autumn.

Hazel, which encourages wildlife with autumn nuts. 

Crab apple which creates gorgeous blossom in the spring which goes on to develop into ripe apples in the late summer or early autumn.


Trees will be sourced locally whenever possible, or purchased from The Woodland Trust, and will be delivered to one of our members just prior to the tree planting event.

Our next tree planting day is Saturday 28th January at Washdyke Lane in Hucknall. If you would like to purchase trees for this event, your order must be placed before the 16th Jan.



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