Housing is needed throughout the UK, there is no denying that, however our local Ashfield District Council through their ‘Local Plan’ are targeting more and more greenfield and greenbelt sites throughout the Hucknall and Ashfield area for housing development.

This decimation of greenbelt sites throughout the UK is destroying natural habitats for flora and fauna, all in the hope of reaching housing targets, often putting profit before nature. Once this land has been tarmacked over, it will never be replaced !

If you are on facebook you may want to follow groups such as hawfd (Hucknall Against Whyburn Farm Development) and HOOD (Hucknall Opposed to Over Development) to see what is happening in the fight against the development of our precious green spaces in the Hucknall area. You can also find the hawfd website here.

By joining this group and submitting sightings of flora and fauna, you will be helping us in our fight to retain land so that we can enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, and to enable others to enjoy it in years to come.